Cobblestone Blocks

Providing a turn of the century feel for walls or columns

Stacked stone walls have been
popular for centuries, and now North Coast Redi-Rock
Cobblestone Walls are the next generation. 

Cobblestones are stones that were frequently used in the pavement of early streets. These new Cobblestone Blocks offer textured stone facing provideing a rustic, turn of the century feel to retaining or free standing walls, or columns. When working on commercial or residential projects, a softer look is often desired  instead of a standard, even block look, so Redi-Rock provides options for construction engineers and architectural firms that provide a more custom look. Redi-Rock is a retaining wall system that harnesses the power of gravity to build tall walls that often don’t require reinforcement.

North Coast Redi-Rock Cobblestone BlocksEach massive precast concrete block weighs over one ton each and stacks like giant Lego blocks to create walls with the Essence of Natural Rock look, and the North Coast Redi-Rock team have the expertise it takes for a professional installation. 

The massive size of each Redi-Rock block saves installation time and allows you to build tall walls that often don’t require reinforcement. How tall? It’s common for Redi-Rock gravity walls to reach heights of 15 ft. In certain soil conditions, Redi-Rock walls can be engineered up to 24 ft. without reinforcement.

Here is a printable Info Sheet on Cobblestone Blocks to download for your reference. 

Below are photos of projects using the cobblestone Redi-Rock blocks for walls and columns. Click any image to enlarge, then click main image to move through the gallery.