Free Standing Walls

A great way to enhance a residential or commercial project

The Redi-Rock Freestanding blocks come in one width and stack in a vertical manner.  The defining characteristic is that Freestanding blocks have an aesthetic texture cast into multiple faces; the texture face is on at least the two longitudinal vertical faces, and also as required on one end or the top of the blocks.  These blocks are machine-placed, wet cast, precast modular block units manufactured from first purpose, non-reconstituted concrete mixes in accordance with ASTM C94 or ASTM C685 that produce a finished unit with dim-freestandingexcellent resistance to freeze-thaw, deicing chemical exposure, and submerged conditions in both fresh water and salt water applications.  All Redi-Rock blocks are manufactured and distributed here in North East Ohio by us North Coast Redi-Rock.

FreeStanding Block Dimension:
All Freestanding Redi-Rock blocks are the same height, width, and length, so as you build your wall above grade you can keep a symmetric look to your wall.

Freestanding Block Weight:
1000-1500lbs depending on which block you are using.  Refer to the block library for weights and more technical data.

Freestanding Standards:
Lifting Hooks
Shear Knobs and Bottom Grove
2 to 3 sided faces
Available Faces: Cobblestone, Ledgestone, and Limestone