Limestone Blocks

A versatile stone with many variations of size, texture and color

There is something classic about a North Coast Redi-Rock Limestone Block wall.  It Just looks great! 

Over the years, Limestone has proven to be one of the most versatile stones having many variations of size, textures and soft colors. Actual Limestone is soft and susceptible to scratching but Redi-Rock has improved on Mother Nature’s product and produced a high strength, quality block that is used frequently in retaining walls, freestanding walls, pavers, steps and other landscape products.

North Coast Redi-Rock Limestone BlocksEach massive Redi-Rock block weighs more than one ton each, which means you can build tall retaining walls with minimal excavation and often no geogrid reinforcement.  You can build even taller retaining walls using Redi-Rock’s patented geoconnector. Each massive precast concrete block weighs over one ton each and stacks like giant Lego blocks to create walls with the Essence of Natural Rock look. Installation requires an excavator and a small crew.

How tall can you build these walls?  It’s common for Redi-Rock gravity walls to reach heights of 15 ft. In certain soil conditions, Redi-Rock walls can be engineered up to 24 ft. without reinforcement.

Here is a printable Info Sheet on Limestone Blocks to download for your reference. 

Below are photos of projects using the cobblestone Redi-Rock blocks for walls and columns. Click any image to enlarge, then click main image to move through the gallery.