Redi-Rock Block Facing

Textures for any design project

Redi-Rock is a complete retaining wall solution that looks good.  Engineers, architects, and owner love it because it combines solid engineering and aesthetics, which can be a hard combination to find.

Redi-Rock offers three four textures: Ledgestone, Cobblestone, limestone, and new this year smooth face.  Any block in the Redi-Rock arsenal can be produced in any texture,  which means that you can create a complete solution for your next project.  Retaining wall blocks, freestanding blocks, and columns are available in each of the three textures, allowing you   to design an integrated, coordinated project that looks great.  Because Redi-Rock is made from first use, architectural grade precast concrete, the detail in texture and the durability are phenomenal.

Each Redi-Rock block is cast in one continuous pour using molds taken from actual stone.  These molds are bolt-on attachments to the the Redi-Rock steel forms which can be interchanged from form to form.  This means that North Coast Redi-Rock can use a single form to make a Ledgestone gravity block one day and a Cobblestone gravity block the next day by simply switching out a few parts and pieces!  This comprehensive forming system allows us to create a variety of blocks, resulting in a faster, more affordable finished product.

Redi-Rock blocks are also available in a variety of color options to match the natural stone and colors that you are using in your project.  Contact us to get you a color chart showing all 600 different color options.

Steps, Caps and Columns