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Serving Northeast Ohio and beyond since 1997

Residential-Redi-Rock-Wall-thumbnailNorth Coast Redi-Rock is a division of North Coast Marine Construction who has been in business since 1997.  We are your Northern Ohio / Greater Cleveland area connection for large block wall systems. Redi-Rock is the leading, large block retaining wall system and our blocks are pre-cast concrete and have a natural rock appearance to blend with your current landscape. 

North Coast Marine Construction has been providing clients with access to their lakefront properties by the use of piers, seawalls, retaining walls, and steps. We see an exciting opportunity for Redi-Rock not only on the lakefront, but for numerous inland applications as well, especially retaining walls.

NorthCoastRedi-Rock-wall-withcolor.jpgRetaining walls can be an important asset to any property, from residential to commercial, so it’s important to have the flexibility you need with retaining wall designs. At Redi-Rock, we understand that everyone’s retaining wall design needs are different; this is why we will work with you to create the most efficient retaining wall design for whatever the application may be.

We have all of the retaining wall design resources you’ll need, including our Design Charts and Details, to make your retaining wall design process hassle free! We specialize in a variety of designs for retaining walls, including bridge and culvert retaining wall designs, commercial retaining wall designs, designs for retaining walls on golf courses, highway retaining wall designs, residential (landscaping) retaining wall designs, and even waterfront retaining wall designs. So no matter what application you choose, Redi-Rock has the ability to design your ideal retaining wall.

North Coast Redi-Rock - Retaining WallsNorth Coast Redi-Rock manufactures all of our blocks locally on the west side of Cleveland in our climate controlled Sheffield Village facility.  We stand ready to help you all of your projects needs from design to delivery.  We can sell you blocks and load them on your truck or we can design, deliver, and install all the block for you.

Because of the unique knob and groove design and their pure mass of between 1,500 to 2,500 lbs each, Redi-Rock gravity walls can be built to 13.5 feet without the use of geogrid or tiebacks. Redi-Rock blocks are durable because of their inherent size, yet they are elegant in their design and appearance to be used in an array of applications. Check out our “Project Photos” to see for yourself!

Redi-Rock blocks have endless possibilities. The combination of the natural looking cobblestone face and size and strength of the blocks give architects, engineers, and landscapers new boundaries in construction. Here are just a few of applications for Redi-Rock blocks:

  • Shoreline Protection
  • Retaining Walls
  • Curved Landscape Walls
  • Erosion Control
  • Bridges and Abutments
  • Golf Course Landscape

All North Coast Redi-Rock blocks are manufactured at over 4,000 psi to exceed recommended specifications. North Coast Redi-Rock can help with planning, design, and installation for any and all of your projects. 

Give us a call today to learn how our products and services can enhance and streamline your retaining wall, free standing wall, columns, pavers and other projects. You can reach us at (216) 401-4880.

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