Redi-Rock Overview

Innovators of the big block retaining wall industry

North Coast Redi-Rock - Retaining WallsRedi-Rock (Charlevoix, MI) is the founder and constant innovator of the big block retaining wall industry.  With its massive size, towering strength, and natural rock appearance, Redi-Rock compliments any landscape.  The scale of these blocks (5.75 square feet of face requires fewer blocks than most other options.  The Redi-Rock wall will require little or no maintenance after installation.

North Coast Marine Construction Inc. is NE Ohio’s premiere manufacturer and dealer of Redi-Rock blocks.  Our manufacturing Corvette-WeightBlockfacility is located in Sheffield Village, OH.  North Coast Marine Construction Inc. makes its own concrete to insure consistent product quality.  We use our own trucks and drivers to insure prompt service to the job site.

Redi-Rock Blocks from North Coast Marine Construction Inc. offers the customer all of the following advantages:

Essence of Natural Rock
Redi-Rock blocks look so natural that many mistake them for quarried stone.  

Higher Walls without Geo-Grid or Tie-Backs
Redi Rock blocks typically weigh one ton each.  The massive scale of the system allows walls to be built as much as 75% higher than other wall systems without using expensive reinforcement, thus maximizing property use and avoiding right of way issues.

Diverse Product Line
Redi-Rock’s expansive product line of tops, middles, bottoms, corners, steps, caps and columns can meet nearly every design imaginable.

Virtually Unlimited Colors
Face Stain Hardener or Integrated Process available from a pallet of colors.

Quick and Easy Installation
Redi-Rock’s knob and groove design enhances alignment and reduces labor costs over other pre-cast blocks.

Free Design Analysis SoftwareBlocksonFlickr
This software program was independently developed by geo=technical engineering experts and provides professionals a total solution for designing Redi-Rock walls

Download capability online at www.redi-rock.com

 Natural, beautiful and economical:  Redi-Rock makes sense.


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